Return on Investment

“Lets achieve success, together.”   

Organisations can expect to:

  • Notice higher drive and productivity throughout the organisation.
  • Enjoy higher quality proposals and presentations.
  • See less conflict and stress in the workplace.
  • Have fewer problems with diversity and culture issues.
  • Witness a reduction in hurtful rumours and gossip.
  • Be able to replace punishing discussions with reinforcing conversations.
  • Experience greatly enhanced communication in all modes.
  • Witness more people helping one another and volunteering more often.
  • Be able to obtain, train, and retain a higher quality workforce.
  • Experience fewer problems with ethical issues.
  • Have far fewer e-mail hassles and much lower volume of notes.
  • Notice a more positive “image” of the organisation with the public.

Participants at Tie Progress can expect to:

  • Be revitalized in all key management and leadership dimensions.
  • Understand their role in creating an improved culture.
  • Lead and deal with change more effectively.
  • Improve understanding of motivation and other critical management skills.
  • Become more customer focused.
  • Communicate better in all modes – speaking, listening, on-line, and written.
  • Become role models for others.
  • Have fewer problems when dealing with people issues.
  • Understand the value of trust and how to achieve it.
  • Become more interested in lifelong learning and self improvement.
  • Be more polished leaders with individuals and large or small groups in all venues.
  • Be more adept at hiring and retaining good people and developing people at all levels.
  • Be of higher value to the organization.