Authentic Leadership

To inspire fantastic people to do fantastic things!

At our leadership courses, we teach experienced business managers how to become good or even better leaders through working and communicating with horses.

The starting point of these courses is that the leader of today needs to be authentic, clear and trustworthy with a sound level of self-insight. The leader must be able to communicate clearly and honestly, and he or she must know her own values and vision.

Horses are very good at challenging your communicative skills, your credibility and ability to motivate others. They have high needs for trust and security. They willingly follow a per-son, whom they acknowledge as their leader – and they are at their best when they are being seen and given feedback.

Horses are also good at pointing our attention towards the softer values, that we do not always find time to acknowledge, but that help us become complete as individuals. In a modern company the soft values are of great importance when we discuss good leadership, and good results following the good leadership.

“Its our job to help you achieve success”