Allow tie progress to become your new HR partner

“Close and ongoing teamwork focused on your company’s challenges in HR, Management and Leadership.”

“The HR-Partnership is build on mutual trust”

“The HR-Partnership is build on mutual trust and we do not offer our services in areas where we neither have the resources nor the competencies. On the other hand we see it as our first and foremost duty to challenge the company on it’s decisions and rationale whenever we have something constructive and valuable to add.”

HR-Partnerships can be established for longer or shorter periods of time at a fixed hourly price within operational as well as strategic HR-tasks. It can be in relation to upcoming projects such as development and implementation of HR-tools, recruitments, development and implementation of training and education or preparation of HR-strategies, goals etc.

Furthermore we can act as an external resource-person, whenever HR-specific activities need to be put into perspective, structured or put into action. Or maybe you need a person with both operational and strategic HR-competencies that is able to challenge your discussions and decisions at board-level

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