what makes Tie the best choice?

We have hands on experience as a senior leader leads to practical ideas rather than theory.

We possess unique ideas on what real trust is all about and how to achieve it.

We have developed teaching styles that leads to fast and lasting application of concepts.

"Our leadership focus is to build trust!"

Whether in person or online, leaders have a profound impact on the trust level in an organisation. Improving the skills of leaders in this area is the most significant improvement any organisation can make.

The most organisational surveys indicate “Poor Leadership” as their Number One problem. TIE Progress provides customised training that is laser focused on the needs of the client. There is no canned program or set curriculum.

Why is the ability to build trust a critical competence?  

  • Prevents small problems from becoming huge obstacles
  • Prevents wasted energy and infighting
  • Reduces rumors and gossip
  • Creates passion rather than apathy
  • Lowers the need for damage control