"He who does not trust enough, Will not be trusted."
Lao Tzu

About TIE Progress 

Getting Amazing People To Do Amazing Things!

Having been a senior executive in some of the largest Danish companies for almost two decades, I decided to establish my own business with the purpose of living and exploring the thoughts and ideas about excellent leadership and development of personal competencies that I’ve developed over the years.

In TIE Progress we focus on TRUST as the foundation for lasting success and optimization of results..

My passion in life is to get people to be the best they can be - to help them realize that we are all amazing people who can do amazing things!

Each and everyone of us can become an (even better) highperformer - and I believe that sports and business have a lot to give eachother respectively. That's also why I have chosen to work with highperformers from both sides - so whether you are into business or sports: Let's work together!

Have fun and remember: It takes courage to be legendary!

Elisabeth Richard Bach

About Elisabeth Richard Bach

"As a leader with small and medium companies as well as large international corporations such as Maersk Broker and Novo Nordisk, and as a consultant, coach and trainer Elisabeth Richard Jensen has more than 14 years experience in employee and organization development.

Elisabeth is particularly skilled in leadership, learning processes, motivation, knowledge management, values and talent development and feels at ease at all levels of international organizations.

She furthermore conducts training sessions in areas such as trust, coaching, time mastery, negotiation technique, effective communication, cross cultural awareness, change management, conflict resolution, presentation skills and personal image to mention a few of them.

With a Master's degree in Information & Communication Technology and Learning, a Master in the Enneagram and as certified analyst in Prescriptive Index (PI) as well as the “Everything DiSC Facilitation System”, Time Mastery Profile, the Facet5, Stress Scan, ViewSuite360 a.o., Elisabeth has earned considerable insight in organizational as well as personal learning and development processes.

As a consultant and trainer, Elisabeth has a high level of initiative and is highly inspiring. She is a human dynamo with commitment and a contagious enthusiasm. Furthermore she is able to make others see possibilities instead of limitations. Elisabeth is a person of vision creating results with great strength. She always maintains control of the situation with a dynamic and constructive approach to challenges.

Elisabeth has been a member of the ‘HR Benchmarking of Knowledge Management’ Steering Committee with the Department of Organization and Management and Knowledge Lab DK, University of Southern Denmark, Chairman of the working committee on Knowledge Management (contributors to the development of the ’European Guidelines for Knowledge Management´) with Dansk Standard (Danish Standards Association). Further she has been assigned as speaker at Danish and International conferences on Knowledge Management, Motivation, Learning and Communities of Practice and has published several articles and reports, as per below reference list. She has also developed and headed the Leadership Program at the Executive Master in Shipping & Logistics at Copenhagen Business School as well as training programs at the Baltic Management Institute."

Trust Is Everything! 
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