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“If World Championships were to be held in HR and Leadership, I have no doubt that Lizzie would walk around with a gold medal around her neck. Extremely dedicated, contagiously enthusiastic and straight forward only begins to describe how Lizzie acts. A role model when it comes to how she handles both a busy career and supports her daughter on the Danish national eventing team. When it comes to teaching, most students are mesmerized and I have no hesitation giving Elisabeth my very best recommendation.”

Mr. Lars Juhl, Managing Director, Scan-Trans Holding A/S



“I know Elisabeth from her job as external HR consultant and Head of Global HR of various global organisations. Elisabeth has a wealth of competencies and can always be trusted to handle any task with the utmost care, diligence and professionalism. Elisabeth’s energy and enthusiasm during employee and participant interactions are captivating and engaging, ensuring the highest level of delivery of message.

Elisabeth has demonstrated the highest level of integrity in my interactions with her, and she has been a true champion in building a successful organization. She is admired and respected for her professionalism by her colleagues and peers. I give Elisabeth my very best recommendations.”

Mr. Thomas Damsgaard – Board member at Danish American Chamber of Commerce



“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Elisabeth since 2007. Her enthusiastic lectures and coaching helped our organization to not only improve our various business processes & way of working in general, but also helped us retain several key employees. Elisabeth has my highest recommendation and I will be happy to furnish further details should anyone require same.”
Mr. Christian Andersen – Managing Director, Scan-Trans Shipping & Chartering, Malaysia



“Knowing and working with Elisabeth has for me always been of great inspiration and motivation. She has an impressive knowledge and with her creative mind she is able to use her knowledge in developing amazing ideas, concepts and solutions. Together with her passionate and fun personality I strongly recommend Elisabeth.”

Ms. Tina Larsen, HR Business Partner, Maersk Oil



“Elisabeth is the excellent leadership coach. I personally have applied the knowledge I got from these trainings in my daily business and I can tell you it works. Elisabeth has a lot to share with you in leadership and has perfect examples of how to reach your personal goals if you really want it to happen.”

Mr. Andrejus Babachinas, General Manager Wartsila BLRT Lietuva UAB



“Surely a trainer within HR and Leadership must be able to see the skills and talents of other people. With Elisabeth I have always had the feeling that on top of this, she also very much understands the potential within each of us, and it is her game and passion to make us realize and tap into that potential. Elisabeth has wisdom and willingly shares it. She is a good friend and I have no doubt many will seek and greatly benefit from her service and advice!”

Mr. Anders Flensborg, Founder and Managing Director, Flensborg International GmbH 

Now part of FranklinCovey

It is with great pleasure that I announce my newest adventure: a partnership with FranklinCovey Nordic Approach (www.franklincovey.dk). 

FranklinCovey is a global company specializing in performance improvement. We help organisations achieve results that require a change in human behaviour. Our expertise lies in seven areas: Leadership, Productivity, Trust, Sales Performance, Execution, Customer Loyalty and Education, and FranklinCovey has a.o. authored the international bestsellers “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, “The Speed of Trust”, “The 4 Disciplines of Execution”, “Principle-centered Leadership” and many others. 

If you ever find yourself in Denmark please don’t hesitate to contact me – I would be honored to meet for lunch, coffee or the likes.

Also, if you find yourself faced with challenges within any of the above areas, please feel free to contact me for sparring / advice – It’s really all about helping eachother as I see it.

Be safe and enjoy life to the fullest!

Yours sincerely 

Email: erb@franklincovey.dk
Website: www.franklincovey.dk

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